What Could You Achieve Through Courage, Confidence and Clarity?

Imagine life through these eyes... What would be possible for you to achieve when you are fully aligned with your values, needs, and desires? 
How would you show up if you had limitless confidence and courage?
What is possible from there?

When is the Last Time You Felt Truly Seen and Heard?

Have you ever had the opportunity to feel truly seen and heard by someone else?

Imagine being heard with a deep level of compassion and acceptance.
Imagine being heard, with no agenda or prejudgment.

Imagine being heard and accepted for who you are, seeing you as whole. 
Imagine the feeling of connection that is possible.

Write Yourself a Love Letter

Do you practice self-compassion? Do you treat yourself with care and love when you have come across your own mistake or fault? 

This consists of:  
Being Kind to Yourself - Be gentle and understanding rather than being hard on yourself or overly critical.

4 Ways to Know if You Are Experiencing a Lack of Self Love

When you are experiencing a lack of self love, you feel down on yourself possibly even doubting your every move.

Some ways that you can recognize that an increased implementation of self-love is needed is to look for the following 4 suggestions. (read article)

7 Ways to Ignite Your Inner Sexy

Do you have days or periods of time that you feel off your game? 

I get it. Here is one of my daily tricks! 
I work from home, and sometimes it is so easy to just stay in my PJ's. Where would that get me, other than sitting down with my coffee and watching tv?  

The Confidence Series DAY 3 How to be Solution Focused

When we focus on problems, we focus on lack. What happens when we see lack? 

  • Doubt 
  • Self Criticism
  • Give Up 
  • Don't follow through 

Let's work on shifting that to solving the problem, changing the focus and taking action! 
No More Excuses... 
"They stole my idea"
"Noone is listening to me"
"I don't have time"
"I am not good enough" 

Let's take a time when you got stuck, you were complaining and gave up.

1. Envision the moment and notice your feelings and thoughts.
2. Imagine yourself as an observer, looking over the room. A balcony above the room....
3. As an observer (not yourself) what do you notice? 
4. What do you think you could have done different? 
5. What was missing? 

The purpose of this, is to see your situation from the outside and give yourself an opportunity to be unbiased. 

Now as an observer imagine sharing this with You as a third party. 
What comes up for you? 

With this newfound knowledge, what is possible from here, the best possible outcome?
What do you need to make that happen? 
What could you do to make it even better? 

Who do you need to be to make this happen?

Share your thoughts and questions below ..
Want more ... 
Stay Tuned tomorrow for Day 4: Stop Looking for the Next Perfect Moment