Whoever and Whatever is in Front of You, Is Your Teacher

Life provides an opportunity to grow everywhere we look.
Sometimes we just need to change our focus.

When you have hit a wall..
When you are stuck in your thoughts
When you are judging someone or something else
When you are presented with something you don't understand

When you feel overwhelmed, try this trick


Life can sometimes get the best of us, and feel like a giant snowball. 
It can be overwhelming.
It can even be downright scary.

Noone is immune to it. 
Even those you admire, who appear to have it all together hit bumps in the road.

The difference is all in how you handle it, and if you have the tools to come through the other side with your head high.

A metaphor I like to use is this. 
When you let the problems pile up, and you sit back and look at what is going on all at the same time, it can feel like a steep mountain where you cannot reach the top.

Try this instead, 
Imagine yourself riding your bike, and it is a hilly road. You see in the distance ahead, that the road is winding and has some hills of different heights so as you are peddling you put a plan in place to stay on course. 
As you see the hill approaching, you pick up momentum, while gliding down the other side.

Because you used the tools you have and put a plan in pace getting over that hill was not so bad, and you are ready for the next one. 
If you had not looked ahead and waited until the incline was in front of you, it would feel like a mountain, and you may not have had enough momentum to get up that hill. 
This is what happens when you compound the problems you are facing rather than dealing with one at a time.

The Lesson: Look at the problem you are facing one at a time, and work through it. Do not look at all of them simultaneously or it will feel impossible to conquer.

Need help sorting it all out? Message me. (amanda@empowerlifecoach,com)

Write Yourself a Love Letter

Do you practice self-compassion? Do you treat yourself with care and love when you have come across your own mistake or fault? 

This consists of:  
Being Kind to Yourself - Be gentle and understanding rather than being hard on yourself or overly critical.