What is a Coaching Circle?

Great Question! The goal of the coaching circle is for a regular group of women to come together in a safe and secure environment to experience a deeper place of self reflection, sharing and growth that is lost in the day to day life. 

By looking inward it allows a place where you can reflect of the week and process what has been weighing heavy on you with support from other like minded women as well as an opportunity to let go. 

Consider this a Yoga Class for your Mind

This coaching circle IS for you IF:

  • You are interested in starting a journey of self exploration 
  • You are at a place in your life where you would like to explore options 
  • You are seeking personal growth
  • You want to rewrite a story that has been holding you back from the fulfillment you deserve. 

What are the RULES of the coaching circle?  

What happens in the coaching circle STAYS in the coaching circle. Privacy is deeply value and an absolute MUST. 

The circle RENEWS this first week of the month. Members of the circle have the opportunity at that time to sign up for another month and that is when new members can join. 

The Coaching Circle is a small intimate group with no more than 6 women per group. This allows time to share, giving each member of the circle an opportunity to express themselves.

The Coaching Circle is led by Amanda Scocozzo, C.P.C. - Certified Transformational Coach