Empower Life Coach
was created based on a simple truth:
Life is what you make it.

After a less than ideal childhood and other difficult things along the way, I realized the difference between success and failure is what you do with your circumstances.

Your choices …
Your decisions …
Your motivation …

These actions can turn a situation into success or failure, and the decision is solely yours.

The key is realizing this truth applies to you – and then figuring out how to use it in your daily life.

I promise you, that each and every moment in your life has a gift for you, sometimes it falls below the surface.

The path to forgiveness is finding the gem
in the darkest corners.

It’s become my mission to uplift and empower others to own all parts of their story and live OUT LOUD so they have the courage to chase their dreams and create a full and happy life along the way.

Hey Luv, I’m Amanda, Certified Life Coach, Courage & Confidence Catalyst, and Business Strategist here to help you get out of your head and into your heart so you can make decisions that honor who you are and put you on the path towards living your best life. 

I’ve had years of education, certification, and training that I’ve combined to create my unique, proven style of coaching that gets my clients results:

I’m an optimist, encourager, dog mom, planner addict, positive video binge watcher, and the person you want in your corner as you work to uplevel your life.

I managed to not only survive in bad circumstances but thrive in them.

To create the life I wanted even when everyone said I couldn’t do it.

Because of this, I’ve made it my mission to show others that anything is possible, and your life can really be whatever you want it to be – it all comes down to a choice.


Some of the results I’m most proud of?
Let’s take a look:

  • Excelled on the corporate ladder in my career with no formal college degree and being on my own since 16.

  • Converted my challenges early in life to powerful lessons and inner strength that carried me (and my clients) through life.

  • While in the corporate world, I managed a large law firm with 6 departments, and scaled their revenue from $300,000 to $1,000,000 per month (without a college degree).

  • This same law firm, I designed ongoing in-office team building and conflict resolution exercises to develop a strong company culture.

  • Walked on hot coals, over 1,000 degrees teaching me the power of mind over body.

  • Learned to trust my intuition, allowing me to leap through and overcome internal fears.

  • Launched my Virtual Support Agency in 2015 and have grown it to be 90% referral based.

  • Learned how to shift hats from my masculine to feminine energy after leaving my corporate job.

But beyond that, I’ve helped my clients achieve some
great things in life and business too:

  • Build stronger and healthier relationships with their partner while gaining a deeper level of mutual respect and communication

  • Transition out of  self sabotaging relationships and find healthy loving partner.

  • Redefine their voice on their own terms.

  • Learn self acceptance.

  • Release the patterns of codependency, doubt and fear.

  • Learn to forgive themselves, their past, and others to open their heart to receive.

  • See their own value for the first time in their life.

  • Discover their passion and set out to live it unapologetically.

  • Hit their first $5k, $10k, or even $50k month.

  • Think outside of the box and find new and exciting ways to promote their business.

  • Make major career changes with confidence.

  • Write the last chapter of her book, after being stuck for over 7 years on the last chapter by providing an intuitive insight to what she was yearning to express within less than 2 sessions.

Overall, my zone of genius and special gifts are seeing what a client needs,both personally and professionally, that they do not even know is missing with my deep emotional awareness and intuitive connection.

I often say,
“ It is what you are NOT saying that we need to talk about” 

If you’re ready to reach that next level, own all of your story, and finally realize the life you desire – I’m here to help you every step of the way.

You just have to decide how you want to get started, luv.
What journey feels right for you?

Choose One Below

Not sure? Let’s have a coffee chat, and see what works best for you!