I Liberated Myself by Sharing My Deepest Secrets

I liberated myself

It can be so scary sometimes to share your deepest secrets and your wildest dreams.
It can be downright frightening to share our biggest failures or most challenging fears

Where do these feelings come from?

It is the worry of what someone will say or think,  the standards of society that have become deeply jaded by the effects of things such as social media.

We want to fit in.
We want to feel connected to others.
We want to be inclusive.
The reality is, what makes each of us different, is what makes us interesting.

Even with this, we still struggle.

People live life through comparison and lose touch with their authenticity.
Reality TV
Social Media
TV Media
The list goes on.

What if you were just YOU.
Unapologetically You.

How would that feel?
You may be happier,
You may feel free
You may feel strong
You may feel deeply connected to yourself.

I want to challenge you today, will you accept?
Liberate Yourself.

You can start by sharing 1 thing below.
Something scary, a thought, dream, fail, or fear.

Watch how you feel afterwards.

You are one step closer to your radiant self, who is shining and stepping into your greatest potential but simply stating WHO YOU ARE.

I will start here myself and share something deeply personal and hope you do the same.

My Share:
I have spent many of my earlier years scared of mental illness and what it represents. My mom was diagnosed with bipolar at the young age of 5, which wreaked havoc on my childhood. My deepest fear was that it was going to be a preview of what my own life would look like.

There were so many things I did not understand. At 5 years old and working my way through my teens I knew something was different in our household but did not know what it was. I knew that every summer my mom went away for a month, and understood by my early teens that she was sick.

By 16, I was her primary care-taker and responsible for her mental health after my parent's divorce. I had no real support system. No counselors, no siblings, and no support from my extended family. It was my friends that were there, to simply listen. I just figured it out along the way.

By 17, my mother was again hospitalized against her will. This was the 12th hospitalization she had since I was 5 years old, but this time I was the one who had her admitted. It was one of the more painful decisions I have had to make in my life. I learned how to my foot down with her doctors, I had to stay on top of her hospital stay and even testify against her in court so they would keep her against her will.

For those of you not familiar with the healthcare system, if you are not a danger to yourself or others they will release you even if you cannot take care of yourself. As a family member, you must be their voice, and be the squeaky wheel. If not, the patient slips through the system and is released. There is typically a shortage of beds, and they are quick to let “the quieter ones (my mom) go home, even if they are not better.

I had to set boundaries and deals with the nurses to hold back her cigarettes and gifts from family members until she takes her medicine. Does it sound cruel, it may. If you are judging me, you can but you have not walked in my shoes.

Otherwise, she thought it was a vacation. She would refuse her medication, refuse to participate in group exercises, and other necessary steps in the healing process. She would ask for personal luxuries like her own towels from home, only a certain brand of toilet paper, and other small but nice to have items. I refused to deliver them and worked with the nurse's station to restrict access until she cooperated because what I learned was the more comfortable she was, the less likely she was to participate and work towards bettering her health.

People disagreed with me and my way of handling this. I took a lot of slack from family members who befriended me. I did not have the luxury of siblings or aunts, uncles, grandparents to share this with me, I figured it all out by myself through trial and error. It was something that I knew I had to do, and God had given me this task because he knew I could handle it, even when I did not think I could.

These were some of the most challenging years of my life.Even though I knew I was doing the right thing, it was a lonely place to be. I had to make this decision on my own, and it would tear me apart from my family for the rest of my life. This continued for nearly 20 years.

Everything changed at 34. That was the year that I demanded her to have a social worker assigned because I needed help. In the end, my commitment at the age of 34 made a difference. I did not speak to my mother for a year until she agreed to sign the paperwork. It was not an easy thing to do, but it was the only thing I had left.

Sometimes we need to sacrifice what we want to do versus what we must do.

Maybe it is just a coincidence, but here we are ten years later and she is flourishing. She has not been in a hospital since! We have also worked together, while she changed her medication.
Back in the 1980’s a doctor put fear into her by saying if you stop taking this medication your heart will stop. I suppose this was his tactic so that she did not forget to take it, but in the end, it did the opposite. As medicine progressed through the years, she was afraid to ever stop taking it or try something new.

Finally, her medication was discontinued (that she began in the 80’s) and roughly 6 years ago moved onto a new medication. We had a lot of long talks about it, and I was able to help her control the worry. I noticed since I began my more serious studies of psychology and coaching, she began to listen to and trust me more.

This also, was about ten years ago, shortly after she had the social worker assigned. For those of you who do not know what that looks like, she still has her apartment and enjoys day to day life, but the social worker assists with aiding to some of her needs as well as being sure she is taking her medication.

I think that it was the right time for me to finally focus on myself now because there was that part of me that knew she was safe, and I was no longer alone. There was also the part of me that had more mental space available, so I could focus. I was obsessed with psychology since the early 1990’s wanting to understand, but it was when I knew that she was safe, that I was able to truly flourish.

Feeling ok to speak about my experience, has strengthened me as a person and I believe also begins to break the stigma around the hush-hush / shame mentality of dealing with mental illness that relates both to the patient and those around them. Mental illness is just that, an illness.

The sooner society is able to speak about it freely just as we do about diabetes, high blood pressure or cancer, the sooner that people will be able to thrive in life, and not feel like parts of them have to be kept a secret. I personally do not think that I can name one person in my life, who has not known someone personally who struggles with some level of mental illness, but I can say that I can count how many that actually talk about it.

To this day at 44 years of age, I am still deeply immersed in psychology and understanding the WHY of human behavior. For the last ten years, it has been my most focused studies, although I feel like it has been with me all my life.

This is why I have dedicated myself to coaching, and transforming the lives of people across the world. It comes from my deep belief, that we all have the answers within, sometimes we just need a little bit of guidance along our journey called life.

I want to be the example to inspire others of what is truly possible.
If this has inspired you, or you know someone who should read this please share it out or tag a friend below.

Write Yourself a Love Letter

Write Yourself a Love Letter

Do you practice self-compassion? Do you treat yourself with care and love when you have come across your own mistake or fault? 

This consists of:  
Being Kind to Yourself - Be gentle and understanding rather than being hard on yourself or overly critical.

Being connected to your community and loved ones rather than pushing them away and isolating yourself in a difficult time.

Being Mindful by acknowledging what we are going through rather than avoiding it, and being still in the exploration of self, rather than wishing it away. Allow the path of self-discovery to run its course. 

In the love letter to yourself, you will follow these steps.

1. Start with taking some time to reflect on a part of yourself where you are overly critical and hard on yourself. This will be the area where you are led to a path of self-judgment.

2. In detail, beginning with how you feel about yourself. Describe this vividly, not only with emotions but images. What stories or patterns to you associate with this?

3. Now, think about someone who has loved you unconditionally regardless of these traits you mentioned above. They see you for who you are as a whole and praise your strengths, and accept and forgive you as you are. They are kind to you and embrace you as a whole, they do not want to change you.

4. Now rewrite the letter to yourself through your friend's eyes. Make note of how they encourage you, how they guide you, and how they offer support towards working through the areas you are unhappy with. 

Now walk away from the letter. The letter does not have to be perfect, it is something private for you. On the days you are feeling down, sit with this letter that is written through your friend's eyes and take in the beauty of who you truly are.

Creating Momentum for Lasting Change and How I took a Chance on Myself

Discover lasting change

Think of something that you have wanted to do, but have not take action on. What was it that help you back? 

What held you back is your story. This is something that you have been telling yourself to keep yourself safe. Your subconscious mind learned at one point in your life by doing this, it was the right thing to do, but not it is time to tell it Thank you, but I am going to be OK! 

So what next? How do you step into the unknown and actually not fall back into what is safe? When I say safe, it does not mean you have to like it, but it is familiar. 

Find your why  

What is it that is going to drive you? You can choose to work towards something if what you are working towards is strong enough, but many times to get yourself moving working away from something keeps things going.

Let me share with you my story as an example.

If you have been following me for a while, you know that I was working in collection law for nearly 15 years. This is probably one of the most difficult environments to explain. It was extremely tough on my state of mind, as it was a verbally abusive environment. Not only the phone calls but the work environment itself. 

Being an empath, I took on the energy around me and it left me depleted and emotionally torn. Why did I stay? If you caught yesterdays video (ADD LINK) I stayed because of the money. I was afraid to leave because I was making over 100k. No college degree, and owner when I talked with them reinforced to me if you leave you are not going to make this money anywhere else. 

So this solidified my lack of belief that I would be ok anywhere else.

Until I would up in the emergency room on a Thursday morning before work. I thought I was having a heart attack. It was one of the scariest things I ever felt. My chest was tight, my legs felt weak, and I could barely walk. I used to have panic attacks as a teen and in my early 20’s, but this felt different. After spending the day in the ER, they admitted me for testing.

I spent the weekend in the hospital and was released that Monday.

You see, the day before I had a terrible day at work, and the new VP who was an absolute narcissist was at the part of his cycle where he was focused on devaluing me. The problem is that he was threatened by my knowledge, and I had far more experience and was deemed as an expert in my field. He did everything possible to try and break me from the day he was hired, including falsifying my review.

This day was the worst, I spent four hours in his office being berated by him with false accusations and had gone as far as bringing in my staff one by one, to put them on the spot (while I was already in hysterics)

See the thing is, I have never been one to deal with confrontation well. I grew up with an abusive father, and it is something that has left an imprint on my soul. I can handle criticism. We can all learn and grow from it, but noone should be in an environment where their employees and peers are permitted to conduct themselves in such a manner.

I never understood the term “good ole boys” or the “ole boys club” until I worked there. It was a male-dominated office, and they certainly made it known. The level of abuse I endured at this office, I would not wish on anyone. I have had a stapler thrown at me, an employee punched the wall right next to my head (for a visual I am 5’4 and he was about 6’4)

So, you get the picture.

While I was sitting in the hospital bed, it was the first time I felt peace since I had relocated for this job. I knew that I could not go back. I had enough savings to get by for a few months, but in that hospital bed, it was the strongest I ever felt and most committed I have ever been to myself and my future.

Looking back, I wish I did not wait as long as I did, but I believe I had not yet learned my lesson. We all grow from what we experience, and it makes us stronger. I am resilient and have always been a survivor. People often tell me they admire me for my commitment to move forward and do better, I have to agree.

This is when I decided to take a chance. I literally packed up everything I had and moved into my dream condo on the beach. I did not even start my business yet, but I knew that I had to make it work. I moved to the island of Rockaway Beach in NY. If you are familiar, it is really not designed for commuters, and THAT was my blessing.

It motivated me! Each morning, when I wanted to sleep in, I knew I had to focus, get out of bed and “Make that Money” or I would be back at an office, and that was not what I wanted. So, I made the vision SO vivid.

I thought about the commute, how terrible it would be from there. At least an hour, in rush hour traffic - if I was lucky.  The tools, the traffic, and forget the subway.

I thought about the office environment, and the type of job I would need to take on to make the same salary, (would I even make the same salary) ???

The environment, the quotas, the people,
The money I wasted on my education.
My unfulfilled dream
My deep desire to serve and help others see what it is possible, and to help women to shine

None of this will happen if I just give up, so each morning I reflected on this story.

You see, people think it is easy working from home. "Oh, you have it so easy" I hear it all the time. Sure, I do not have to commute in snow anymore - thank goodness.

It takes discipline to get your work done. It takes focus to not escape to the beach across the street.It takes a deep practice of self-balance to not get so immersed in what I am doing, that I forget about my fiance.

I worked through the life balance, I stayed focused on what I was working towards, and I had a clear vision of what I was not going to do again. 

These 3 things are KEY in creating momentum for lasting change. 

Do you want help working this through? Let's talk!
Email me: Amanda@empowerlifecoach.com 



How Your Thoughts are Impacting Your Actions

your words impact your actions

How aware are you of the words you speak each day? 

Did you ever stop to slow down and think about how those words are impacting your actions?

Do any of these sound familiar? 

  • I am not worth it..
  • Why bother, there is no use..
  • I can't do it..
  • I don't know how..
  • I will never follow through anyway..
  • No one likes me..
  • They will judge me..
  • Someone else can do it better..
  • I am not good enough..
  • It's never going to change anyway..
  • No one listens to me..
  • What I think doesn't matter anyway..

Have you ever wondered how this negative self-talk impacts your actions?

Take the time to honor yourself, and value your words. If you increase your self-awareness two words that can impact you from taking action, you can begin to move forward.💕💕💕

When you catch yourself speaking negatively and without love, do the opposite. As soon as you catch that phrase, turn it into a positive.👈👈👈

Walk it out! Get those endorphins pumping my friend.💟💚

What is some of the more common self-talk or limiting beliefs that you recognize within yourself internally? Now practice THE OPPOSITE and repeat! 

Want more info, catch the video below! 


Leave your comments and questions below.

Why Being too Busy is Stealing Your Happiness

It has been commonly accepted to be super busy. It is almost a standard part of the conversation. I used to think I was partial because I lived in the hustle and bustle of New York City, but I was wrong. 

I have clients all over the world, and we are just SO busy all of the time.
It is not only the life of an entrepreneur, in regular jobs as well. I can remember while working in my career in law and finance, my last job before I started my own business. I was hired to take over a particular department and restructure it to produce more income. I enjoyed being in a position that I could contribute and share my ideas on a platform that it was not only appreciated but implemented. The challenge was since that went so well I ended up taking over 5 departments, not by choice. This is when it went downhill. I was so busy that I could no longer even hear myself think.

So this problem stretches in entrepreneurial life, corporate, personal life and across the board. Think about when you see people just staring into their phones, they have checked out. They are missing everything around them, even the present moment conversations to check emails, follow social media and text instead of talk. 

(Whatever happened to conversations?)

Now, it is even common when people say “Hi, How are You?” the response is, “Oh, I have been so busy” 

The Lesson: You cannot appreciate life and what is around you, when you are too busy to see what is right in front of you.

Are you Living on Auto Pilot

Your life may be safe, you are responsible
You are known as dependable
You are well planned
You have each and every step of the way perfectly calculated

So what's the problem?

You are feeling bored
You have been missing out on all of the fun. 
You are holding back what your heart truly desires, to avoid failure and judgment

You are only given one life, and it was meant for living.
If you want to really begin LIVING….


It is time to stop listening to the negative people and letting them persuade you from your dreams. Have a look at your closest inner circle, if they are primarily nay-sayers than maybe  it is time to rebuild your support system

It is time to overcome the self doubt and step over the hurdles that have been holding you back. Practice this by recognizing this self doubt is not fact, but merely an internal discussion that you can participate or decline.

It is time to focus more on what is possible rather than regrets and things that have gone wrong. If you have been convincing yourself that your dream is impossible and focusing on everything that could go wrong, of course your subconscious is operating in fear and unable to move forward into success.

Lastly ..

It is time to focus on focus on new experiences rather than gaining more stuff. If you have been accumulating rather than experiencing, these are not the things you will remember later in life. Everyone loves to hear stories of life, travel and adventure - but you can only talk about your favorite purse so many times.

So I ask you are you living on auto pilot or ready to embrace what life has in store for you

If you are ready to take that next leap, and breakthrough the barriers, I would be honored to share the journey with you. I am here to support you along the way, provide an unbiased perspective, and an open heart filled with encouragement.

4 Ways to Know if You Are Experiencing a Lack of Self Love

When you are experiencing a lack of self love, you feel down on yourself possibly even doubting your every move.

Some ways that you can recognize that an increased implementation of self-love is needed is to look for the following.

1. Do you speak unkindly to yourself or doubt yourself? If you are often experiencing a negative conversation internally with yourself and saying things that you may not even say to your worst enemy, practice leading with love. Treat yourself as kind as you would your best friend.
2. Do you put too much emphasis on what others think about you and hold back parts of yourself? It is important to reflect on this and make not of areas that you are holding back so you can feel free.
3. Are you unfairly judging others? Often when we judge others harshly, we need to look inward and ask ourselves why it is triggering us. Is there a past heartache or problem that we need to work through?
4. Do you worry what will happen if you speak openly about what comes from your heart? It can be difficult to be vulnerable and open, but it does not make you weak, it is actually quite the opposite - it makes you strong! 


Take some time and really reflect on this.  
Does any particular statement (or all) stand out to you? 

If so, it sounds like you are ready to implement some new tools to experience a deeper love and inner connection. You can start by asking yourself the following: 
Then ask yourself how it is impacting your life. 
Then ask yourself, how you can implement the necessary changes. 

Then if you still feel like you need some help, let’s talk! Send me a message and we can find the program that works best for you.

You can also check out my Empowered Living Program starting in May- This is also a great gift for someone who is truly experiencing a difficult time in their life. 

7 Ways to Ignite Your Inner Sexy

Do you have days or periods of time that you feel off your game? 

I get it. Here is one of my daily tricks! 
I work from home, and sometimes it is so easy to just stay in my PJ's. Where would that get me, other than sitting down with my coffee and watching tv?  

Ummmm - NO that won't work. 

So instead every day (ok 95% f the days) I get right out of bed, shower, and I am fully dressed accessories, makeup and all.

People ask me WHY? You work from home. Simple, it is about how I feel, not about how others see me.


When I get up, get dressed, and present myself as if I am about to meet my clients face to face, I feel my energy step up to meet that. 

Call it a mind trick, call it what you like - but it works! Let's find some tried and true hacks FOR YOU now. 

Let's develop YOUR INNER SEXY

1. Start your day with affirmations. These statements set the tone for the day.  
2. Note what you put in your body ESPECIALLY in the morning. This food is the energy that starts your day. So avoid those heavy fatty fried breakfast or sugar-induced comas. 
3. Keep a gratitude journal and reference it daily. Sure you might have those days you wake up feeling off, but when you start reading through all the things you are grateful for, notice your energy shift! 
4. Reserve time each day for yourself. Especially if you are busy or feeling overextended. Even if it is just 15 minutes of breathing, meditation or a mini massage. 
5. Don't give away your power, stand in your truth. When you maintain your boundaries and own your strength you will increase your self-respect for your self. 
6. Live your life by thriving not simply existing and breathe your passion. Wear your passion on your sleeve, and let everyone you know feel how deeply connected you are to it. 
7. Enjoy like, don't be so serious. Life is not all about work and rules, you need to have some fun too! 


I hope these suggestions sparked some ideas for you. Leave your thoughts or comments below. 

If you are still struggling with building your inner confidence, do not hesitate to email me


Don't be afraid to fail

dont be afraid to fail

Don't be afraid to fail
Be afraid not to try 

Are you spending your time wondering what would happen, What If.....
Do you catch yourself dreaming and not doing? 
How many years have you held onto the same hope but never pulled the trigger to get started?
Are you spending all of your time in your head and less time actually doing? 

That used to be me. I was a planner and then some. Not only did I plan everything out, along with every possible outcome but then I mixed in my analytical mind and deep intuition

It was a recipe for disaster.

Just try to imagine this. I am planning for my first cruise ever, it was about 10 years ago. Now without getting to off track, that was a miracle in and of itself because I was not the most open person when it came to travel. 

I remember it like it was yesterday. We were heading out to Bermuda for a friends wedding. This should be fun, there is a big group of us, we can relax, listen to music, take in the sun. What is there to worry about? 

Well, I think I almost sent my best friend over the edge that month with all of the questions I had. I thought of every possible scenario, what to wear, what could happen and how to prepare. (did I mention it was hurricane season ....) 

I ended up with 2.5 massive suitcases that felt like I was shipping off a dead body. We were only going away for a week. I needed a dress for the upscale nights, shoes to match each dress, casual clothes for beach, shoes, back up shoes, sneakers, what if it rains? bring warm clothes.... oh and then there was the wedding. What dress would I wear? It is on the beach, what shoes? 

What if it is bad weather? Will I get seasick? I could bring Dramamine, but maybe I just need ginger. 

Trust me, the questions did not end there! 

We are not even close to the list of questions, but I think you see where I am going.

I could have easily sabotaged myself if I stayed in my head. I was so scared to try something new. Sure, I saw everyone else going on cruises but what about me? I did not know if I was cut out for it. 

I had to shift my mind to focus on what is possible. How many time have you done that in your life? Then suddenly what seemed so scary and awful, actually has such a great potential and everything changes right before your eyes! 

Had I not caught myself and how I was potentially scared to try something new and ruining it for myself, I may not have actually had the amazing time I did. It worked out to be so much fun and probably one of the better vacations I have had.

Do you ever look back and wonder what if I just did it where would I be now?
It's time to stop wondering and start doing 

Want to learn how to overcome your fears? I work with my clients 1:1 and also offer group coaching in my Empowered Living Program for Transformational Growth

What is your emotional default?

Emotional Default

A pessimist sees a difficulty in every opportunity. 
An opportunist sees opportunity in every difficulty. 
- Winton Churchill

Which is the default emotion that you choose? 

It is important to have self-awareness. Sometimes, when we are not aware we get stuck in routines because it is just comfortable. It is familiar, and although change is desired and want better for yourself your mind is set on auto-negative.

When you are on auto-negative, everything feels impossible. It can make the smallest problem feel unbearable.  Your mind runs on auto replay.. all the things you have to do, what could go wrong, and of course the fear of doing something new or different. 

Automatic negative thoughts keep you in a holding pattern where you internally desire more but hold yourself back because it feels like it could never happen to you. That only "those" people can succeed which makes it feel like new possibilities are just not for you. 

Why can’t I get a break?
My life really sucks.
This will never work.
Who am I kidding anyway

Do you believe that life is happening to you or for you?

Are you ready to shift into what is possible?

Practice looking at opportunities, even in your darkest moments and watch the world open up around you. 

The easiest way is to start with questions, get really curious about what is really possible. Allow your mind to expand and see what is possible. When you look for the opportunities, you can see beyond the problem shifting your mind into being solution focused on being problem oriented.

Ask better questions, get better answers
-Terry J Fadem

Let me know your thoughts and how I can support you on your journey. 


Starting Over, but Do Not Know Where to Begin?

At one point, life seems to be in order..
You had your daily routine
You knew where you were going each day and who you were going with

You may have even mapped out your daily breakfast

You knew the restaurant you were going to dinner
You knew what you were doing every Friday night
You knew there were plans after school with the kids

All of the sudden life changed
Maybe you are an empty nester now
Maybe you've gone through a divorce
Maybe status quo is just not enough anymore

We each have our own story
Each of our lives is unique

The one thing that is the same, is we have all gone through a transformation in our lives wear something needed to change. 

Feeling empty..
Craving more..
Looking for your truth..
Waiting for the next big moment.. But.... Still afraid of what is around the corner
Still uncertain of what to do
Still feeling stuck and waiting for it to happen

Looking for a sign

I would love to share this journey with you, as we walk together to discover your path to fulfillment. 
:et's talk, book a FREE 30-minute Discovery session right here

Together, let's make this your year 💖💖💖💖 Your courage catalyst, 
Amanda Scocozzo
Transformational Empowerment Coach

Learning to Say No Preserves Your Energy

Are you a "Yes Person"? 

Do you find yourself overextended, regretting your decision, and resenting the person you said yes to? 

It is time to start creating some healthy boundaries girlfriend! 

Saying no initially may feel like a stretch.
Try starting out by saying " I will get back to you"
The goal is the avoid the knee-jerk response by saying Yes because you feel obligated.

During this time, you want to check in with yourself and see how this aligns with how you feel internally?

Take time to notice the following: 

  1. When I think about doing THIS, how does it make me feel? 
  2. When I am asked to do things like this, do I later regret it? 
  3. How does this person make me feel when I say no? Am I doing this to avoid feeling guilty or confrontation? 
  4. Am I doing this because I expect to gain something in return? 

By increasing your self-awareness, you start to become more in tune with yourself and your needs. In time, you will have a much quicker response time, but the goal here is not how fast you can make up your mind, but that you break this pattern and make a decision that is healthy for you. 

This is how you begin healthy boundaries

How to Recognize an Energy Vampire

Have you ever had the experience of having the life sucked out of you by spending time with a particular person?

You feel exhausted, bored, irritated, stressed, anxious, threatened, overwhelmed or depressed after just a seconds near a particular person. 
Maybe you even felt guilty, that they made you feel this way.. and now you are feeling even worse
Did you even question yourself, was something wrong with you, such as feeling a headache coming on or stressing over a work deadline. Either way, you didn’t understand why you felt so out of sorts.

If that touches on some points, chances are you have been in the company of an energy vampire.

Check back later for pointers, how to deal with an energy vampire and not let them rock your boat.

Who do you Have in Your Corner?

Everyone needs someone in their corner.
No judgment.
An open mind.
A ready ear.
A new perspective.

When you're down, struggling or  feeling stuck who do you turn to?

Have you ever experienced having someone in your corner with your best intentions in mind?
No ulterior motive
Wanting the best for you
Sharing the journey

This is what my clients experience when we work together.

I believe that no one is broken and we all have the answers Within. The power of coaching transforms lives by helping you to find a clear pathway to your own answers. 
No one has to be fixed, that is not what coaching is. 
More often than not, when clients come to me it's because they are confused, seeking clarity, and wanting to break old habits. 

If you are ready for a new chapter in your life but stuck on the roadmap to get there, I would be honored to share the journey with you. 

I have created an 8 Week Program called The Empowered Living Program, where not only will you continue to grow through powerful group coaching, but be part of a sisterhood where lifelong friendship is developed. 

I want to invite you to look at The Empowered Living Program today.

Don't Worry about Trying to Be Normal

Are you concerned about trying to be "normal" and fit in? 

Stop right there! If you continuously focus on being normal, how will anyone ever see all that you have to offer and who you truly are?

If you are hiding parts of yourself, you are spending so much time and energy masking the beauty you offer from the inside out. 💖

Wouldn't you rather be embraced by a few, then admired for something that you are not? 💜

Are you hiding in the shadows, while your soul is begging to shine?

Sure, it's scary putting yourself out there and not knowing how it's going to land!
Ideas racing through your mind
Palm sweating
Heart racing

I would rather FEEL this then be numb just to fit in. 
No true opinion
No thoughts of my own
A style that matches everyone around me

NO. I refuse. We are not born to be puppets. 💜

I want to dance in the rain.
I want to feel the beat of Music In My Heart and through my body.
I want to stand up for those who did not have a voice to stand up for themselves.
I want to live in a world of unity
I want to be in a place where everyone feels safe
I want others to feel as beautiful within as I see them
☝️☝️☝️ I will follow my heart.
I will follow my dream.
I Will Follow My Soul driven guide 😗😙😍

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Allow Yourself to be Vulnerable

Allow yourself to be vulnerable
This can be very difficult for some. 💙

It’s scary to show our vulnerable selves to others. 
We are social creatures. We so want and need to belong. But the mere thought and threat of being judged and rejected send most of us back to our “safe and secure” existence. 💜

Don’t hide and keep yourself from the world. Not only is it tremendously painful and exhausting to not be yourself, but the world also loses out on the special gifts that only you have to offer. ❤

Don’t be afraid to shine. Someone might need your light. It starts with courage.

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Embrace Uncertainty

Does the unknown scare you, and you freeze up?
Do you lose all momentum and literally stop dead in your tracks? 
Do you deeply desire security, routine and comfort?

We tend to be creatures of habit. 
It’s scary to do something new when we don’t know what the outcome will be. 

Are you up for a challenge?

I am going to challenge you to lean into and embrace uncertainty. 
Take a moment, and visit the unknown, uncertainty and call it wonder instead.

The unknown will become a place of: 

  • curiosity 
  • possibility
  • growth
  • new outcomes
  • creativity
  • opportunity

    Watch your mind shift into seeing freedom
    Seeing possibilities
    Feeling expansive
    Growing beyond your comfort zone
    Imagine having a life filled with wonder and freedom….

Who is ready?

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Face Your Fears

Have you ever been stuck in fear and unable to move forward? 

In a notebook or journal, write down a list of fears you have. 
Perhaps it’s public speaking, asking someone on a date, taking that exotic trip abroad or asking your boss for a raise.

Write them down. 
As you write down your fears, notice how you feel. If you are feeling anxiety, good. Now you know what to work on. 
Take each one, one step at a time. 
Imagine yourself as accomplishing your goal. 
Live it in your heart.
Feel it in your heart. 
Look for how you would be impacted by following through. 
Now, break it into small steps to get yourself comfortable.
Know that with each step you are closer to the end destination.

Be sure the steps are also written down and cross them off when you are done.

Both these actions teach the subconscious it is safe when you step out of your comfort zone. 
The more afraid you feel about something, the greater benefit you’ll reap by doing it.

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Amanda Scocozzo
Your Courage Catalyst & Transformational Coach

Look forward with Hope, not Backwards with Regret

Each and every one of us has a past
Some, more challenging than others

It's up to you to determine how you will utilize the life lessons to move forward and strengthen your knowledge.

If you're living in the past feeling regret, there is nothing you can change about what has already happened.

Take that energy and move it towards the future

Ask Yourself...
What is possible from here?
How have I grown?
How has this shaped need to be the person I am today?

Focus on what is possible not what you cannot change.

As you learn to control your thoughts and where your mind leads you, you will be able to become more solution focus rather than problem oriented. 

As your mind opens up, so does life and what it has to offer for you, 

Amanda - Your Courage Catalyst

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It Takes Courage to be Yourself

It takes courage to be yourself. Ff you are not yourself - who will be?

Sure trying something new can bring up all types of self-doubt and questions

There is an inner butterfly waiting to soar
Emotions are running high
You have so much more to share with the world

Your unique gifts are waiting to be received

Keeping them to yourself, only leaves the rest of the world missing out
If you keep all the beauty, strength and power within, how will anyone know your truth?
Small steps, baby steps, in fact, will help you build the day-to-day confidence to try new things

Challenge yourself and take it one day at a time

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