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Empower Your Finances - Write Your Financial Blueprint for 2017

This 4 Hour Financial Workshop will be focused on:

  • Gaining clarity around your financial goals in 2017
  • Shifting Your mindset and limiting beliefs around money 
  • Gain the tools to ensure commitment to your goals
  • A customized blueprint to your 2017 budget




Let me ask you a few questions:

  1. Have you been repeating money cycles? 
  2. Do you have trouble seeing how to get out of a hole? 
  3. Do you want more but do not know how to get there? 
  4. Is your frame of mind keeping your dreams small? 
  5. Do you feel that your financial roadmap is inundated with storms and roadblocks? 
  6. You feel tremendous stress around balancing your checkbook? 
  7. When you look at your bank account, you feel knots in your stomache? 
  8. You avoid financial conversations with your partner?
  9. You feel that you do not understand money, finances or budgets?
  10. You do not follow through on your dream, because you do not believe you will make it and cannot see how it will come together, so instead you just ignore your passion? (NOTE THIS ONE IS A BIGGIE) 

If you answered YES to at least 1 question, you understand the value of getting your financial home in order. 

What this workshop IS NOT

  • We are not going to discuss investments & ira's (YAWN.....) 
  • This is not some get rich quick story 
  • This is not a boring "how to" boardroom class 

What this workshop IS 

  • Creating a new financial story 
  • A simple tool to see the big picture 
  • A process to build, write and commit to your goals 
  • An opportunity to re-invent your future

What to Bring? 

  • Laptop (preferably) or Ipad - this will help you to get the MOST out of the customized blueprint.
  • Pen
  • Paper 
  • Light Snack

What to Wear? 

I like to keep it cozy, so whatever makes you feel at home. (minus the pj's & rollers) 

You will have your choice of seating, and if you love comfy cozy the floor is an option too (shall I add snuggled in front of a fireplace) 



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6:00 PM18:00

Women's Weekly Coaching Circle Group 1 (Wed 6-7PM)

Where Women find Community, Courage & Clarity 

What is a Coaching Circle? 

Great Question! The goal of the coaching circle is for a regular group of women to come together in a safe and secure environment to experience a deeper place of self reflection, sharing and growth that is lost in the day to day life. 

By looking inward it allows a place where you can reflect of the week and process what has been weighing heavy on you with support from other like minded women as well as an opportunity to let go. 

Consider this a Yoga Class for your Mind

This coaching circle IS for you IF:

  • You are interested in starting a journey of self exploration 
  • You are at a place in your life where you would like to explore options 
  • You are seeking personal growth
  • You want to rewrite a story that has been holding you back from the fulfillment you deserve. 

What are the RULES of the coaching circle?  

What happens in the coaching circle STAYS in the coaching circle. Privacy is deeply value and an absolute MUST. 

The circle RENEWS this first week of the month. Members of the circle have the opportunity at that time to sign up for another month and that is when new members can join. 

The Coaching Circle is a small intimate group with no more than 6 women per group. This allows time to share, giving each member of the circle an opportunity to express themselves.

The Coaching Circle is led by Amanda Scocozzo, C.P.C. - Certified Transformational Coach 

Coaching Circle

Enroll Here and Select: 

Tuesday 1-2 PM
Tuesdays 6-7 PM
Thursday 6-7 PM

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Women's Guide to Happiness & Fulfillment
1:00 PM13:00

Women's Guide to Happiness & Fulfillment

Join us May 22 1-4 pm, Women's Guide to Happiness & Fulfillment. 

This workshop will help you discover your deep inner soul passion that ignites a fire in your belly which fills the unfulfilled void in question. We will work through the steps to create a strong positive and encouraging mindset that leads the pathway to growth, balance, joy and success.

Tickets $97.00 

Call or Text 347-921-2425 to Purchase Your Ticket OR

Online Ticket Purchase

Reserved Seating Only

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8:00 PM20:00

Beautiful From the Inside Out - Life Coach Radio Network 8-9 PM EST

Take a journey into the future, through this guided visualization while uncovering your true purpose. Ignite the journey through this transformative exploration that will align with your deepest and most significant core values. 

Our goal, while bringing you on this path to self-discovery is to provide an opportunity to direct yourself into a window of your future self free of judgment and inner conflict.

Tune in to enjoy this peaceful journey into your truest authentic self.

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