The Empowered Living Program is designed for you, if you are ready to open the pathways to emotional freedom and experience life in its truest potential. The focus of this program is to bring awareness to both the subconscious and conscious mind, aligning them to build lasting change. 

Our ability from within can be developed to shift our mind from problem focused, to solution oriented. When life is moving by so fast, we can often lose site of what is truly important and get our head above water. 

We are emotional creatures.
We have desires. 
We have needs. 

Sometimes life gets in the way and we lose track .. 
Sometimes we are blocked by our past, and what we hear in our mind. 

We often desire more, uncertain of what more truly is..
We can hold onto a negative memory of the past, and deeply want to let go but not sure how.. 
We crave more, but unclear what more is... 
We have been hurt or disappointed in the past, so we are afraid to take that chance..

"Pain is Inevitable, Suffering is Optional"
- Tony Robbins

If you are wondering if The Empowered Living Program is right for you, let me ask you a few questions: 

Have you been looking for answers, but hitting a roadblock?
Do you experience a deep yearning for more, but unclear what that would look like? 
Are you feeling open to what is possible, but unclear on the path of how to get there? 

What is happening in your life that is preventing you from feeling joy, fulfillment, and passion? 

  • Are you overwhelmed with your day to day life, and lost the way? 
  • Have you been putting others first, and lost track of your own personal needs? 
  • Has fear, doubt and uncertainty left you living a life that looks like a recap of Groundhog day?
  • Is every day just a routine that leads to unfulfilled dreams and empty thoughts?

Do you believe that emotional freedom is only for the lucky ones? 
Does emotional freedom sound like too much work, and you have been just living status quo? 
Maybe your boat has not been rocked enough to feel that change is the only viable option?

ALL of this IS POSSIBLE, AND more! 

Better relationships! 
More fulfilling careers! 
Fulfilled dreams! 

Why am I so certain?
This story is all to familiar for me. 
It was me.

It is not long ago, I was in your shoes. 

I knew that life had a bigger plan for me, but things just kept getting in the way. If you read my story, you know life was never just handed to me on a silver platter! I worked very hard to get to where I am today. I believe my struggles and achievements, are what keep me grounded and humble to connect to my clients, friends and loved ones. 

I had hit rock bottom when I finally hit the pause button. I was stuck in a lucrative corporate job that had me entrenched in the comfort of money, but in the meantime stripped my soul of its barest essentials. I lost my purpose and had nothing left to give.


Endless hours behind a desk in an office, all while trying to protect my soul from the very last bit of what was left.
There I was .. far from home, no support, no friends or family nearby, and living just for work. 
Relationships were unstable, no time for love.
My life was wasting away.

Until I found myself in a hospital bed on a heart monitor, scared I had caused irreversible damage from the stress and abuse I encountered on a daily basis.
That was the day, I changed my life forever,  and never stepped foot in the office again.

I have spent countless hours reading, studying and working on myself to let go of the past, take ownership of my life and create the life I was intended to have.  
I literally rewrote my blueprint and redesigned  my life, by stepping up to my dreams and stepping into my purpose.

I left my home (in the land of faraway) and now living in the beachfront condo I admired from afar for nearly ten years.
I am engaged and soon to be married, after years of dead end relationships.
I have designed my office for clients as well as my home office to be a place of inspiration.
I have built two successful businesses that align with my personal values, working with clients that fill my soul everyday. 

Now, I am Happy & My Heart is Full

I have now dedicated my life to helping others pursue their dreams. 
Life is to short not to, don't you agree? 

If you are ready to create a new ending to your life, that is led by intention and certainty
If you desire a life that leaves your heart full
If you want to let go of the fears that have paralyzed your success
If you want to build a life of opportunity and choice

If you are desiring more confidence to make these changes
If you are ready to put that old record to rest, and stop playing it over on the turntable
If you desire a new perspective on life and the possibilities available for you
If you are tired of the same old replay button, and ready to spice it up

If you want better relationships
If you want stronger connection
If you want deep soulful love

If you want a better outlook on your finances
If you want to explore new opportunities
If you want to put that foot forward, and start your career

If you want accountability
If you want guidance
If you want love & support
If you want tools and techniques
If you want to reprogram your thinking
If you want to build new intentions

If You said YES
You want to join The Empowered Living Program

empowerment coach

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The Empowered Living Program Includes:
8 Week Group Coaching that will walk you through the limiting thoughts that have been holding you back.
Weekly Lesson & Homework
Live Group Coaching Calls
Private Community Support

Program Starts Again June 1,2017
Early Bird April 21-May 15 2017

Doors Open
Early Bird Enrollment Til May 15, 2017

Early Bird Enrollment Entitles You to: 
Discounted Enrollment Cost
2 Bonus Classes LIVE in our private Facebook Group (Valued at $400.00)
Contest Giveaway 1 Personal Coaching Session (Valued at $200.00

After May 15th, Price goes up to $997 1 Payment or 2 Payments of $550

1 Payment $797.00
April 21,2017 - May 15.2017 

Empowered Living Program Early Bird Pricing

2 Payment $450.00
April 21,2017 - May 15,2017

Empowered Living Program
Empowered Living Program - Early Bird 2 Payment

While we are working together, you will receive my full heart , compassion and experience openly. Through the broad range of experience gained not only through my own journey, but my deep transformational studies and work as a Transformational Coach and Catalyst for over 7 years, with proven results.

Here's what clients that have worked with Amanda have said..

If you are still not sure if this is the program for you, please submit your questions below.