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If you are a woman who is starting over and ready to redesign your life, 
The Empowered Living Program
is a group mastermind designed just for you.

What will you gain through this mastermind?
Your pathways to Emotional Freedom

  • Experience life to its truest potential.

  • Forgive yourself by letting go of your past.

  • Communication, healthy boundaries & better relationships

  • STOP repeating the same patterns

  • Become deeply self-aware of your needs

  • Rewrite your story, and create a pathway to embrace your dreams.

  • Uncover the blocks and fears that have been holding you back.

  • Learn to strengthen your voice and your sense of self.

  • Bring awareness to both the subconscious and conscious mind, aligning them to build lasting change.

What can you can expect from the mastermind:

  • An 8 Week Journey of self-love, inner work, and a new beginning

  • You will have unconditional support in a safe judgment free zone

  • Love, guidance, and the space to be yourself

  • You will be in a community of woman that are striving for the same dream

  • You may even walk away with lifelong friendships

How do you know if The Empowered Living Program is for You?

You have been through some hurdles in your life, and are feeling like you cannot get ahead.
Life has been a challenge, and you want to break the cycle that has been spinning.
You are afraid of the next move, that it will only lead you down another path right back to where you began. 

You know that something has to change, but you are not sure what it is. 

You have a deep desire for more. You know there is more out there for you. 
You are ready to experience life on your terms. 
You want to stop living for other people and discover your own path to fulfillment.

You desire a community that understands and hears you. They know your story and do not judge you.

You may have experienced a painful breakup, abuse, trauma, loss of work or something similar that has you questioning yourself and what is truly in your best interest. 

You may sometimes even feel like hitting the reset button on life! 

Whatever your story is, and whatever you have been through, I want you to know that if you are willing to put in the work... there is more out there for you. 

I have spent more than 8 years working as a Certified Transformational Coach, and my deepest passion is helping women just like you, find their light to shine as bright as they desire. I have gathered 15 years of my favorite tools, that are designed to breakthrough patterns and freely unleash the gifts you have within.

Get ready for 8 weeks of life-changing tools that will guide you through a journey of deep transformation, self-discovery and bountiful leaps.

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Let me ask you a few questions if that is ok?

Do you believe that emotional freedom is only for the lucky ones? 
Does emotional freedom sound like too much work, and you have been just living status quo? 
Maybe your boat has not been rocked enough to feel that change is the only viable option?

Do You Desire:

Better relationships! 
More fulfilling careers! 
Fulfilled dreams! 


Guess what??
ALL of this IS POSSIBLE, AND more! 

If you are ready to create a new ending to your life,
that is led by intention, passion and clarity..

If you desire a life that leaves your heart full
If you want to let go of the fears that have paralyzed your success
If you want to build a life of opportunity and choice
If you are desiring more confidence to make these changes

If you are tired of the same old replay button
and are ready to spice it up

If you are ready to put that old record to rest and stop playing it over on the turntable
If you desire a new perspective on life and the possibilities available to you

If you desire more love in your life

If you want better relationships
If you want stronger connection
If you want deep soulful love

If you want to create success in your
life, finances or career

If you want a better outlook on your finances
If you want to explore new opportunities
If you want to put that foot forward, and start your career

If You want to grow in a supportive environment

If you want accountability
If you want guidance
If you want love & support
If you want tools and techniques
If you want to reprogram your thinking
If you want to build new intentions

If You said YES
You want to join
The Empowered Living Program
Follow the Enrollment Details below

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Limited Seating for Intimate Experience

Next Course Begins October 24 ,2018

The Empowered Living Program Includes:

  • 8 Week Group Intensive Mastermind

  • Weekly Lessons & Reflections

  • Live Weekly Group Mastermind Calls

  • Private Intimate Community Support with daily access to me to answer your questions

It is your Time to  shift from surviving to thriving
and let your light shine! 

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(seating is limited to 10 for an intimate group)

Payment in Full
1 Payment $797.00


Installment Plan
2 Payments $450.00

Empowered Living Program - Early Bird 2 Payment

Why am I certain this will work?
This story is all to familiar for me. 
It was me.

It is not long ago, I was in your shoes. 

I knew that life had a bigger plan for me, but things just kept getting in the way. If you read my story, you know life was never just handed to me on a silver platter! I worked very hard to get to where I am today. I believe my struggles and achievements, are what keep me grounded and humble to connect to my clients, friends and loved ones. 

I have created this program, just for you so that you can fly like the beautiful butterfly you are.

Payment in Full
1 Payment $797.00


Installment Plan
2 Payments $450.00

Empowered Living Program - Early Bird 2 Payment

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