Amanda Scocozzo, C.P.C. is a powerful and professionally trained Certified Transformational Coach and Life Strategist inspired by her lifelong mentor Tony Robbins.

Her passion is working with clients that are committed and ready to take their life to the next level. Amanda is a catalyst for confidence, communication and courage to awaken their passion while igniting the best version of themselves which naturally improves their relationships with others. 

If you are ready to commit to making a change in your life, be sure that you book a complimentary call with Amanda so she can walk you through the journey of what it would look like to work together.

Are you READY to re-write your story? We are all entitled to a second chance, why should you settle for less than you deserve. 

Is it time to Live Your Purpose?

Did you know the Top 10 Powers of Coaching?

  1. Self Discovery - The path of internal exploration to connect to one's needs, values and dreams.
  2. Fresh set of eyes with a new perspective -Lifting the tunnel vision that is present when you are feeling stuck.
  3. Developing stronger communication skills - Useful for business, co-workers, friends, lover or internal voice.
  4. Building better relationships - Create boundaries, develop your listening skills, learn to express yourself in a healthy manner
  5. Letting go of limiting beliefs - Start believing in YOU and let go of the story that is holding you back
  6. Enhanced decision making skills - Learn to make decisions by analyzing facts and not from an emotional state.
  7. Greater focus - Understand how to reach your goals and WHY you have not been able to reach them in the past. Define clear goals, dates, and the tools to make it happen. 
  8. Accountability - Welcome the opportunity to have a true supporter by your side that is 100% in your corner to make you goals a reality! 
  9. Coaching is about taking Action - If you are not ready to invest time in yourself, you are not ready for coaching. Coaching is WORK. There is no magic do-over button. With the investment of time in yourself - the results will be more than you imagines was possible for yourself. 
  10. Having someone by your side that believes in you even when you can't believe in yourself. There are always times we doubt ourselves. Change can be scary, but no scarier than never following through and looking back on life with regret.  

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