It’s time that you take the driver’s seat of your life and steer yourself onto a better path.

Say No More ... 

No More Settling! 

No more holding back!

No more waiting for that perfect moment  (Hint - there is No Perfect Moment)

No more excuses! 

No more procrastination! 

No more self doubt! 

No more fear! 

No more getting in your own way! 

No more self sabotage! 

No more bad relationships! 

No more being taken advantage of! 

No more day-dreaming,
it is time for that dream to come ALIVE!

This is Your Life!

You Deserve This! 

Amanda Scocozzo

I’m Amanda Scocozzo, Certified Life Coach. Just think of me as your Catalyst for Courage to help you awaken the power within Yourself.

Through one to one coaching, workshops and group masterminds, I will work with you to help through the hurdles,ignite your passion, and clarify your goals through powerful breakthroughs, deep inquisition and unconditional support.

I know first hand what is possible, when you have the necessary support and tools to achieve your dreams and empower your soul.

So if you’re ready to say yes to yourself and your future – Schedule Your Complimentary Breakthrough below.

Imagine Having The Unconditional Support
You Need Now to make these changes &

To Let Go!