Have you often contemplated life and wondered about your purpose, your dreams and what is truly possible? Deep inside you know that there is more for you, 
You feel uncertain, confused or maybe even overwhelmed.
You have been listening to what everyone else says, and lost yourself along the way. 
You have lost focus of the bigger picture. 
You have been surviving, but want to be thriving. 
Something or someone is holding you back.

Fear  .. Doubt ..  Uncertainty ..
Lack  of Direction
Guilt ..  Trauma .. Disappointment ..

My name is Amanda.
I am a Transformational Life Coach & Courage Catalyst.
I want to share a message with you. 
I want to let you know, it's ok.  
I understand. I was once scared too. 
Scared of judgment. Afraid of failure. 
Paralyzed in overwhelm..
I decided to step back.
I took some time for me. I made myself a priority.
I needed to take the necessary steps to give myself permission to let go. 
I released myself from the mental shackles that held me back and made my light dim. With that, I shifted the impossible to possible.
I forgave myself. I forgave others. 
I turned my pain into my greatest strengths. 

I followed my dreams.
I set and achieved my goals.
I retrained my mind for success and happiness.

I spent many years studying and working to not only help myself, but to share my gifts with others. 
I would be honored to share this journey with you.

My wish for you is to shine bright, be free, & move from
surviving to thriving.
I Want to Share with You Today That It Is All Possible.

You might be wondering...
coaching is for you?
Let's Talk!

Here are some ways that can help you decide if hiring a coach is right for you.

You might be ready for change if you can say YES to any of these….

You have lots of ideas, but get lost in the action steps
You deeply desire clarity, with so many possibilities, you are torn which path to take.

Your communication style often leads to either bursts of anger or bottled up and unrevealed emotions
You are repeating patterns in your life, and desperately want to break out of them

You crave love and deeper connections, but have built a wall of protection leading to isolation and loneliness.
You want a stronger community of people around you that life you up, not tear you down.

You look like you have it all together on the outside, but you feel empty inside.
You are tired of not having enough meaning or purpose in your life.

You have a deep and burning desire, with a knowing that there is more out there available to you
You have been crippled by routines but find comfort in what is familiar 

You don’t want to be held back by fear anymore.
You want to turn your lack of direction into an inspired movement towards purpose, happiness, and success.

If you said YES, than this is for YOU.  
I Would Be Honored To Share this Journey
with You